Unfortunately there is no much information (almost nothing) available from Microsoft regarding publishing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Pool on Microsoft UAG 2010. Two years ago i published an article on this same topic but it was targeting publishing the VDI pool from 2008 R2 Virtualization Host server to UAG 2010. You may check it on the following link http://itcalls.blogspot.com/2012/05/publishing-microsoft-pool-vdi-on-uag.html

Lately we updated all our Remote Desktop services servers and upgraded everything to 2012 R2 including the VDI pool (Updating the pool with Windows 8.1 machines). I followed the same steps in my previous article but it didn’t work.

The main trick is that in the old RDS version 2008/2008R2 the Session Host (RDSH) was the redirection server. This architecture changed in 2012/2012 R2 servers and the Connection Broker is the component that do the redirection (RDCB).

Since publishing the 2012 R2 VDI is not officially certified with UAG 2010 and to get around this issue,  our team checked the below old article to bypass checking resources.


All We need to do is to adjust the Registry key on the UAG server as shown below:


DWORD Value: TSDontCheckResources
Value data: 1
So what does this Registry key will actually do ?
When connecting to the Remote Desktop Server, the Broker returns the resources list it receives from the RDSH and it picks up all IP addresses on all interfaces on the server. Now the UAG server needs to resolve all the IP addresses returned in the resource list to names and verify if they resolve to the same server. If the resource list contains IPV6 addresses, this lookup fails and hence the security check fails and the connection fails to launch one of the VDI machines in the pool.

To Make it work, i followed my earlier article and then added this key and its working fine.