Windows Surface 2 RT comes already pre-setup with Bitlocker encryption, the user don’t need to do anything to enable it or set/type a password to access the drive or wait for encryption time. This is very cool feature to protect and encrypt your data and files on the Surface. Its automatically enabled and turned on when users open the Surface for the first time, set it up and login with their Windows account (Outlook, Hotmail…..etc.)

The Key thing to note is that the Recovery key is stored on your Skydrive as soon as you login on the surface with your Microsoft account. If you need to recover your key you will need to login to Skydrive ( from another computer, phone or tablet and get the key and enter it to the Surface Recovery prompt on your surface.

This sounds normal if you are aware of this procedure and doing some action that requires you to get the Bitlocker Recovery key. However several users including my self encountered this problem on Surface 2 (Not Surface Pro). After rebooting your surface device or turning it on from a shutdown you may get a Prompt to Enter Bitlocker Recovery Key. After entering the recovery key the Surface will hang on 0% with the new nice blue screen of death and an error displayed at the bottom PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.

The Problem is that this issue occurred randomly (Some users related it to new firmware update but it was never confirmed as other users installed the same firmware without any problem) and users are not aware of this Skydrive Recovery procedure and the main thing is that sometimes they may get this error/problem without having another device to access the Internet and get their recovery key.

Microsoft confirmed the problem and a fix was finally released to close this issue yesterday. For More information and to download this fix, please check the below site.

I installed the fix using Windows update and it went fine and I am monitoring my device for any side issue.