Error Reported in Event Viewer or DNS Best Practices Analyzer.

“The Active Directory integrated DNS zone was not found”

This error might appear in environments and domains that were already built back in the days of windows 2000 or Windows 2003. By default, before windows server 2003 SP1, there was no independent zone in the DNS console. When the domain was originally created under Windows 2000 or Windows 2003, there was only a _msdcs folder under the zone which could also provide the resolution for zone. After windows server 2003 SP1, when you create a zone such as, there is an independent zone which is the delegation of the original _msdcs folder. This _msdcs will highly benefit the DNS replication.
What is the _msdcs Zone?
According to Microsoft documentation/definition:

“Microsoft-specific subdomain enables location of domain controllers that have specific roles in the Active Directory domain or forest. Resource records for the DNS root domain of a new Active Directory forest are stored in a _msdcs zone instead of a subdomain, and that zone is stored in the forest-wide application directory partition.”

This Zone will host only DNS SRV records that are registered by Microsoft-based services as well as the globally unique identifier (GUID) for all domains in the forest and a list of GC servers in your forest/domain.

DNS support for AD guide

The Steps needed to resolve these issues are as follows:
1.     Manually created zone
·         Open DNS console, right-click “Forward Lookup Zones”, click “New Zone”, manually create new zone, please select primary zone and check “Store the zone in Active Directory” on the page of Zone Type.
Manual creation of DNS Zone
2.     After that, please check if _ has been created and the records are correct. If not continue with the next step.
3.     Create a delegated _msdcs zone under the and delegate it to the zone. Right-click “”, click “New Delegation”, please type _msdcs in the Delegated domain text box
DNS new delegation wizard
4.     Click Add button to type DNS server’s IP address.
5.     Stop and restart NETLOGON and DNS Service.